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ICSE-Index and the Framework of Our Approach

ICSE-Index is an evaluation on the ICSE contributions for scholars and institutions. In addition, a Domain Collaboration and Mainstream evolution analysis Framework (Domain-CMF) is proposed to analyze collaboration relationships and the evolution of mainstream for ICSE domain-specific knowledge. The ICSE-Index and Domain-CMF are first proposed by the OSCAR lab from School of Software of Dalian University of Technology. In the ICSE-Index, we identify the most productive authors and institutions from the ICSE technical track between 1997 and 2016. In Domain-CMF, we first build three networks including co-authorship network and author co-keyword network to analyze the collaboration patterns among researchers. Then, we investigate the active keywords and create the keyword co-occurrence network to discover the development trend of software engineering. Finally, we visualize these networks to better present them.

Domain Collaboration and Mainstream evolution analysis Framework

The workflow of framework

The framework aims to the three proposed questions : What is the situation now in software engineering domain? What are the cooperative relationships among software engineering researchers and their interests? And what is the evolution of mainstream among keywords in software engineering?

Components of Domain-CMF

Data Set

We select strict technical track in ICSE, and the metadata are obtained from ICSE official website, database of ACM, DBLP, and Google scholar using web crawlers. Each piece of data is conducted by some important information about a paper, such as paper’s title, the paper’s abstract, keywords, citation numbers, authors’ names, affiliations, and countries/regions. Then, we do the steps like data cleaning, and data completing to quentify and quality our dataset.

Bibliographic Analysis

We present the papers’ distribution for ICSE technical program. Then, we identify the most productive authors, institutions, countries/regions and most frequent keywords.

Collaboration Pattern analysis

We generate Co-authorship network and Author co-keyword network to analyze the cooperate relationships among authors and their interests.

Transformation of the Mainstream Analysis

We observe the trends of most frequent keywords and explore the keywords occurred frequently per five years in order to find the mainstreams during the different periods. Furthermore, we generate the keyword co-occurrence network and its sub-networks per five years to reveal the evolutions of central keywords.

Data Crawling

Link Posts


It is the premier software engineering conference, also provides a forum for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discusses the most recent innovations, trends, experiences.

Academic Genealogy

Tao Xie and Notkin have constructed a software engineering academic genealogy including software engineering researchers who are or had been in academic being faculty members and who are in research labs or actively published papers after their PhDs in North America.