Query Expansion Based on Crowd Knowledge for Code Search

Liming Nie, He Jiang*, Zhilei Ren, Zeyi Sun, Xiaochen Li

Here is the resource page for the "Query Expansion Based on Crowd Knowledge for Code Search" research. You can download the source code, dataset and other related resources. If you need any information, please feel free to contact us.

Download: all related resource can be downloaded here.

  • Queries: 20 queries
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    Code Snippets:

  • Code Snippet Corpus: 921,713 code snippets
  • Android app Projects from f-droid.org: 1,538 projects
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    Question & Answer (Q&A) pairs:

  • Android Q&A pairs: 312,941 Q&A pairs
  • Q&A pairs: 5,108,770 Q&A pairs
  • Stack Overflow public data dump (the version of August 2015): posts.xml
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    Platform: Our experiments are conducted on a 3.60 GHz CPU (Intel i5) PC running windows 8.1 OS with 8G memory. We implement our recommendation method using Java 1.7.0 in Eclipse.

    Please let us know if you have any question or suggestion. We appreciate your time for visiting our resource site.

    He Jiang
    Liming Nie

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