News 2011
The website URL of OSCAR Lab is updated as
Professor Ling Wang from Tsinghua University visited our lab on May 4. Prof. Wang has given a presenataion about Intelligence Optimization to the students in our school.
Professor Dunwei Gong from China University Of Mining And Technology visited our lab on Apr. 26. Prof. Gong has given a presenataion about Evolutionary Test Case Generation to our team members.
Our laboratory is looking for master candidate students in Grade 2012 (also the undergraduate student in Grade 2008). Welcome to apply for our laboratory in School of Software, Dalian University of Technology. If you want to be a member of our team, please send your resume via e-mail to the director of our laboratory, Dr. He Jiang. You can also find the details of our laboratory in the laboratory website . Other details, please contact with Jifeng Xuan or Zhilei Ren by e-mail.