To face the development trend and the engineering requirements of large-scale, open-environment oriented software systems, the OSCAR (Optimizing Software by Computation from ARtificial intelligence) team affiliated with Dalian University of Technology focuses on research fields such as search based software engineering and mining software repositories. The OSCAR team concentrates on the key techniques and the bottlenecks of the software engineering field, and has developed a unique research methodology featuring the search space transformation based techniques as the core methodology, as well as the open-source software projects as the representative case study. Related research work has been published in well-known journals including IEEE TSE, TKDE, TSMCB, TCYB, Science in China, Chinese Science Bulletin, as well as conferences such as ICSE, GECCO, PPSN and SEKE.
Reaserch Fields
  • Empirical software engineering
    • Mining software repositories
    • Search based software engineering